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Polycarbonate Reusable Plastic Glassware

Reusable Plastic Glasses – please click below to view our comprehensive range of polycarbonate premium plastic wine glasses, plastic martini glasses, plastic champagne flutes, plastic beer glasses, plastic tumbler glasses, plastic shot glasses, plastic hot drinks glasses, including plastic latte glasses & plastic coffee glasses, polycarbonate plastic CE glassware & CE marked plastic glasses, coloured plastic glasses, polycarbonate plastic jugs and frosted plastic glasses.


Polystyrene Reusable Plastic Glassware

Reusable plastic glassware – please click below to view our comprehensive range of polystyrene economy plastic wine glasses, plastic champagne flutes, plastic beer glasses, plastic tumbler glasses, plastic hi ball glasses, plastic shot glasses, neon-coloured plastic glassware, polystyrene plastic CE glasses and CE marked glassware.

Polycarbonate & Polystyrene Glassware

What’s The Difference?

Polycarbonate Reusable Glassware

  • Premium range of plastic glassware.
  • Comparable to glass.
  • Superior strength over other plastic materials.
  • Virtually unbreakable.
  • Reuse over 1000 times.
  • Glasswasher safe.

Polycarbonate plastic glasses are clear, durable and safe. These glasses have superior strength over other plastic materials and are therefore virtually unbreakable.  With the elegant appearance of glass and the practicality of plastic, these glasses are a high quality alternative for outdoor or large events and are also a safe and secure option to use in commercial establishments. When tested in glass washers with a standard solution in excess of 1000 cycles the glasses showed no noticeable visual detraction.  Plastic champagne flutes, plastic wine glasses, plastic martini glasses, plastic beer glasses, plastic tumblers, plastic shot glasses and plastic latte and coffee glasses are available in the Elite range.  We also have a selection of polycarbonate plastic jugs and CE polycarbonate plastic glasses / glassware. 

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Polystyrene Reusable Glassware

  • Economy range of plastic glassware.
  • Fairly tough, rigid and robust.
  • High level of transparency.
  • Good clarity but may break if dropped onto a hard surface.
  • Reuse over 100 times.
  • Glasswasher safe.

Polystyrene plastic glasses provide a high level of transparency and they look very similar to the premium polycarbonate range.  These plastic glasses are rigid and robust like the polycarbonate glasses, but they will crack if pressure is applied.  If you are looking for a cheaper option polystyrene plastic glasses are a good choice.  Ideal for eliminating broken glass they are perfect for outside catering, parties and large indoor events. These products have been tested in glass washers with standard solution in excess of 100 cycles with no noticeable visual detraction. There are many styles available in the Econ polystyrene plastic range of glassware, including plastic champagne flutes, plastic wine glasses, plastic hiballs, plastic beer glasses and plastic shot glasses.  Capacity Marked glasses (CE marked glassware and CE glasses) can also be purchased in polystyrene plastic.  

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Here at Catering Products Direct, we supply plastic glassware as well as high quality professional catering products for commercial events. However, we do supply to homeowners too. We have been trading since 2011 and have gathered an incredible knowledge of catering supplies in this time. We have supplied to event companies, bars, restaurants and hospitality venues throughout the UK. With competitive plastic glassware prices so you can be sure to find the perfect glass alternative from us.

We as a company supply two types of reusable plastic glasses. We have our Elite range which consists of polycarbonate reusable plastic glassware. Our other range is the Econ polystyrene reusable plastic glassware.
Both of these ranges includes a whole host of alternative glassware that can be reused time and time again. Our Elite plastic glassware are virtually indestructible and won’t break if dropped. They’re comparable to glass and have stunning visual appeal.
Our Econ or economy range are also tough, however they could break if dropped onto a hard surface. However, these plastic glasses can be used over 100 times. Invest in a better solution for your events with our reusable plastic glassware.

We have an extensive range of plastic glasses that you can buy from our online store. We have our Elite range of polycarbonate glassware which is almost indestructible. In Elite we sell large and small polycarbonate plastic wine glasses, pint and half pint plastic beet glasses, plastic champagne flutes, plastic martini glasses, polycarbonate hi ball glasses and plastic shot glasses.
These can come in a range of colours to perfectly match the aesthetic of your event, restaurant or any other business you run.
For a cheaper alternative, why not opt for our Econ range? Manufactured out of polystyrene plastic material. You can opt for plastic wine and champagne glasses, plastic tumblers, plastic pint and half pint beer glasses as well as hi ball glasses and shot glasses.

Plastic Glassware, Catering Products Direct is part of the Glassjacks family. We supply a whole variety of catering products for residential and commercial usage across the UK.
We are based in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, however, we are only an online business. We are not available in stores. We also do not have a store you can visit so collections are not possible. We are a plastic glassware supplier and we will deliver your order within 3 – 5 working days.

It is no secret that there is a current battle against single use plastics across the globe. It is important for every single person to do their bit to make sure that we protect our planet. Our goal is to be less wasteful and that is where our incredible products come in.
Our Econ and Elite ranges of stunning plastic glassware are completely reusable. Not only this, our products can be recycled meaning that nothing goes to waste.

Polycarbonate plastic is durable and almost unbreakable which means that it can last for many years to come. When dropped by accident, they will not shatter and smash like their glass counterparts. If you’re hosting a big event, this is great for health and safety worries as well as a products lifespan and an eco-friendly perspective.
Once glass is broken, we often place it in the bin which leads it to ending up in landfills and damaging the environment. Plastic, however, can be very eco-friendly if used correctly much like our amazing range of reusable and recyclable plastic glassware.

CE marked glasses are necessary if you are using the glass to measure the volume needed. We supply a large selection of plastic glassware which features CE marks to the line or the rim. These are featured in both our Elite and Econ ranges. We have made sure that these are fully compliant with the UK licensing laws.
These CE marked plastic glassware will be perfect for licensed establishments. This includes restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars – wherever you are required to ensure that you are giving your customers the correct measurements of alcohol.

We here at Catering Products Direct are focused on protecting the environment. Due to its many damaging effects, we have chosen not to sell disposable plastic glassware. Single use plastics are incredibly bad for the environment and often end up in landfills and even worse the ocean and other places of natural beauty.
We as a company, prefer to sell products that are completely reusable and recyclable as we don’t see the need to perpetuate the production of single use plastics. Get in touch with us to ask us more about our reusable glassware today!

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