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The Elite range of plastic glassware is made from tough, transparent polycarbonate material, which has superior strength over other plastic materials and is virtually unbreakable.

These plastic glasses are break resistant and reusable. They have great clarity and are made from materials that look much like glass, with a premium quality finish.

Plastic glasses made from polycarbonate plastic can withstand heavy usage, they would be an ideal choice for busy bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs as all the dangers associated with breakable glass are eliminated.

Plastic glasses made from polystyrene plastic have a very similar appearance to polycarbonate plastic glasses; however, polystyrene plastic glasses are not shatterproof.

Polystyrene plastic glasses are made from crystal polystyrene material. These plastic glasses are rigid and robust, just like polycarbonate plastic glasses but they may break if it they are dropped on a hard surface or if they have a considerable amount of pressure applied to them, for example, if they are stood on.

For many people, how a drink tastes are typically as a result of its temperature.  Most people may think that a normal glass will keep their drink colder for longer however, surprisingly this not the case.

Plastic glasses made from polycarbonate plastic have excellent insulation properties.  They will keep cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer than normal glassware.

Within our polycarbonate plastic glassware range we have a collection of hot drinks glasses plastic coffee cups and plastic latte cups.

Elite Polycarbonate unbreakable plastic glasses can withstand temperatures of up to 145 degrees.

Due to its harmful effects to the environment we prefer to ‘Say NO to Single Use’, we do not sell disposable glassware.  Plastic Glassware and Glassjacks prefer to sell 100% reusable and 100% recyclable polycarbonate plastic glasses and polystyrene plastic glassware.

We have a comprehensive selection of plastic glasses for sale from our store. We offer the Elite range, made from high quality polycarbonate plastic which is almost unbreakable.

Reusable polycarbonate large plastic wine glasses, small polycarbonate plastic wine glasses, polycarbonate plastic beer glasses (pint and half pint), polycarbonate plastic champagne flutes, polycarbonate plastic martini glasses, polycarbonate plastic shot glasses, and polycarbonate hi ball glasses.

We also supply reusable coloured plastic glasses in the Elite polycarbonate range and frosted plastic glasses.

Our Econ range of plastic glasses have been manufactured from crystal polystyrene plastic material.

Reusable polystyrene plastic wine glasses and plastic champagne glasses, polystyrene plastic beer pint glasses and plastic half pint glasses, polystyrene plastic tumblers and plastic hi ball glasses, and polystyrene plastic shot glasses.

Please email us info@glassjacks.co.uk with the details of your plastic glassware order (item reference and quantity) and we will get back to you with a delivery date.

Delivery is usually within 3 – 5 working days of receipt of order.

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Plastic Glassware, Catering Products Direct is part of the Glassjacks family, supplying catering products to businesses and homes across the UK.

We are an online business based in Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire.  Collections are not possible as our warehouse is not located on the same site as our office.

If you require a sample of plastic glassware, please email us info@glassjacks.co.uk with the item reference and we will send one to you.

CE marked glasses are a requirement if you are using the glass to measure the volume needed.  Plastic Glassware, Catering Products Direct has a large selection of CE marked to line or rim and stamped plastic glasses in both our Elite Polycarbonate and Econ Polystyrene range of glassware that is compliant with UK licensing laws.

CE Marked Polycarbonate Plastic Glasses and Polystyrene Plastic Glasses are suitable for use in licensed establishments, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes where it is required by law to ensure you are serving the correctly measured amount of certain types of alcohol.

The CE measurement mark can be to the brim or a line marked on the glasses. It was previously known as government stamped (GS) or crown stamped glassware prior to 2006.

CE Marked glasses are also not needed if you are using another measuring tool, such as a CE marked Thimble, Jigger or Optic. Catering Products Direct has a great choice of barware including CE Marked Thimbles, Jiggers and Optics. Visit our online store to view what we have to offer.

CE marked plastic glasses are not required if the alcohol is being provided free of charge, or for use in the home.

CE Marked plastic glassware is also not needed if you are using another measuring tool, such as a CE marked Thimble, Jigger or Optic. Catering Products Direct has a great choice of barware including CE Marked Thimbles, Jiggers and Optics.  Please visit our online store to view what we have to offer.

Bulk purchases of plastic glassware are possible, please email us info@glassjacks.co.uk with the details or your order (item reference and quantity required) and we will provide you with a quotation.

If there is a problem or you are not satisfied with your plastic glasses order, please return unused in the original packaging and send to our office address within 14 days of receipt: –

Glassjacks Ltd, 29 Field View, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hants, SO53 4LJ.

Please quote your order reference on the return.  As soon as we have received the plastic glasses, we will provide you with a full refund.   Please click here for our full refunds and returns policy.

The global war on single use plastic is no secret. We all need to act to help, improve and maintain the environment. Being less wasteful and more efficient is a good start.

Both our Econ Polystyrene and Elite Polycarbonate ranges of plastic glassware are 100% reusable.

When they eventually come to the end of their very long life, they are ground into pellets and remanufactured into further goods within other industries. This makes all of our products 100% recyclable.

Polycarbonate plastic is virtually unbreakable so tends to last for years because it doesn’t smash when dropped, unlike glass. This is great from a health and safety point of view, a product longevity point of view and a green point of view. Broken glass generally goes in the bin, then onto landfill which is detrimental to the environment.

Plastic, if used in the correct manner can be very environmentally friendly.

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