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Reusable Plastic Glasses, a superb alternative to breakable glassware. Please Select Elite or Econ.

Elite & Premium

Polycarbonate Reusable Plastic Glassware

  • Premium range of reusable plastic glasses.
  • Comparable to glass.
  • Superior strength over other plastic materials.
  • Virtually unbreakable.
  • Reuse 1000 times.
  • Glasswasher safe.
  • Heat resistant up to 145 degrees.

Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Beer Glasses, Plastic Tumblers, Plastic Martini, Plastic Shot Glasses, Plastic CE Glasses / CE Marked Glasses, Plastic Coloured Glassware, Plastic Frosted Glassware, Plastic Hot Drinks Glasses (Coffee and Latte) and Plastic Jugs.


Polystyrene Reusable Plastic Glassware

  • Economy range of plastic glasses.
  • Fairly tough, rigid and robust.
  • High level of transparency.
  • Good clarity but may break if dropped onto a hard surface.
  • Reuse 100 times.
  • Glasswasher safe.
  • Heat resistant up to 100 degrees.

Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Champagne Flutes, Plastic Beer Glasses (including Pint and Half Pint), Plastic Tumbler Glasses  (Hi Ball Glasses and Rocks Glasses), Plastic Shot Glasses and Plastic CE Glasses / CE Marked Glassware.

Safer than Glass - Reusable and Recyclable Plastic Glassware



We have two ranges of plastic glassware, Elite Polycarbonate plastic glasses and Econ Polystyrene plastic glasses.

Both of the ranges are 100% reusable. When they eventually come to the end of their very long life, they are ground into pellets and remanufactured into further goods within other industries. This makes all of our products 100% recyclable.

Polycarbonate Glasses

Polycarbonate plastic glasses are clear, durable and safe. These premium plastic glasses made from strong polycarbonate plastic, have superior strength over other plastic materials and are therefore virtually unbreakable. With the elegant appearance of glass and the practicality of plastic, they are a high quality alternative for outdoor or large events and are also a safe and secure option to use in commercial establishments.  Polycarbonate plastic glassware is ideal for use within the catering and hospitality industry.  When tested in glass washers with a standard solution in excess of 1000 cycles the glasses showed no noticeable visual detraction. We have an extensive selection of Plastic Champagne Flutes, Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Martini Glasses, Plastic Beer Glasses, Plastic Tumblers, Plastic Shot Glasses and Plastic Hot Drink glassware (plastic latte glasses and plastic coffee glasses) are available in the Elite polycarbonate plastic range. We also have a selection of polycarbonate plastic jugs.

Polystyrene Glasses

Polystyrene plastic glasses provide a high level of transparency and look very similar to the polycarbonate glassware range. These plastic glasses are rigid and robust just like the polycarbonate plastic glasses and are a cheaper option.  They are an ideal alternative to glass as they eliminate all risks associated with broken glass, a perfect choice for outside catering, parties and large indoor events. These products have been tested in glass-washers with a standard solution in excess of 100 cycles with no noticeable visual detraction. In the Econ range of polystyrene plastic glassware we have a good selection of Plastic Champagne Flutes, Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Hiball Glasses, Plastic Pint Glasses, Plastic Half Pint Glasses and Plastic Shot glasses.

Plastic Cups – Recycled Plastic Glasses

Go Environmentally friendly with our range of 100% r-PET cold cups.  These green products are made from food safe , 100% post-consumer waste, from items such as water bottles, using carefully selected 100% recycled material material.

The material we use (used PET bottles and cups from events and festivals) is collected, sorted, cleaned and re-ground before being used in manufacturing again, ensuring this valuable material has a second use and diverts from landfill.  The material sourced from EFSA(European Food Safety Authority) registered supplier in accordance with EU282/2008 regulations on recycled plastic material.

Please ensure you recycle after use and help create a circular economy. These cups are 100% recyclable; PET is the worlds most recycled plastic and can be re-manufactured a wide range of goods.

CE Marked Glassware

We offer a full range of reusable plastic CE glasses in both polycarbonate plastic and polystyrene plastic, ideal for licensed premises.  All UK licensees are required to serve intoxicating liquor in CE marked glasses, unless they serve drinks in cans, bottles or use metered pumps. In October 2006 the EU directive 2004/22/EC was introduced and applies to all member states.

Plastic Champagne Flutes, Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Beer Glasses, Plastic Hi ball Glasses and Plastic Shot Glasses are featured in the CE plastic glassware range.

Coloured Polycarbonate Glassware

If you are looking for a distinctive look or style for your event or establishment, coloured glassware provides a sophisticated and practical solution.  A variety of coloured plastic glassware including Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Beer Glasses, Plastic Martini Glasses,  Plastic Shot Glasses and Plastic Champagne Flutes are available. The Elite range of coloured glassware is manufactured from polycarbonate plastic and is virtually unbreakable.  White plastic glassesRed plastic glasses, Black plastic glasses, Blue plastic glasses, Gold plastic glasses and Silver plastic glasses.

Frosted Polycarbonate Glassware

The frosted glassware range is made from tough, durable polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable. This collection of glassware has a unique frosted finish, the perfect alternative to breakable glassware. In the frosted range we offer Frosted Champagne Flutes, Frosted Wine Glasses, Frosted Hiball, Frosted Tumbler Glasses and Frosted Remedy Glasses.

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Avoid the health and safety hazards and risks associated with breakable glassware.

Reusable and Recyclable

Can be washed and reused many times. Polycarbonate over 1000 times. Polystyrene 100 times. At there end of life the plastics are ground into pellets and recycled.


Polycarbonate is super tough – virtually unbreakable. Our Econ range of plastic glasses – Polystyrene glasses is tough and robust but will crack if too much pressure exerted.

CE Marked Range

Licensed and commercial premises will benefit from our large range of CE plastic glasses. To conform with CE standards plastic glasses are either fill to brim or fill to the CE mark / line printed on the side of the glass. Most of our Beer, Tumbler and Shot Glasses (which can be found in their own categories) are CE marked – fill to brim.

Food & Drug Approved

Polycarbonate & Polystyrene glassware is Food & Drug approved and conforms to the Materials and articles in Contact with Food (England) Regulations 2012 including (EU) No 10/2011.

Glass Washer Safe

Glasswasher and top shelf of dishwasher safe. Can be washed and reused. Polycarbonate over 1000 times. Polystyrene over 100 times.

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